Quick Intro

#Dungeon23 is a writing challenge started by Sean McCoy with only one rule:

A dungeon room a day for all of 2023.

I was (like many others in the TTRPG community) immediately thrilled! Not only by the nice collective reminder to write a bit everyday for the whole year but also (and mostly) because of the low-pressure vibe of it. You don't have the time to write everyday? No problem, let's say this room is empty then! You have no idea for this one? Hey check this cool random generator 🎲.

Slow down, you're doing fine.

So, let's try to write something this year! And what's better than a dungeon?

Owning the challenge

I'm trying to create a world where my players could thrive in exploring weird ancient ruins full of lost and dangerous magic. It's almost been two years since I've started to write about The Broken Worlds. D23 seems a good opportunity to help me with my worldbuilding! So I'm tweaking a bit the challenge to meet my goal. To help me with that I need some constraints and guides which will ease the whole process. For example, I'm chosing to map this world in a "giant" hexmap, for two reasons:

  1. I love Hexmaps1
  2. It seems to be the perfect format to have self-contained parts to write everyday which can also be "empty"(think about seas, plains etc).

I'll also use random tables I'm picking here and there to let me explore my own world and expand my thought process (and because I'm a bit lazy). I will only avoid using random when it makes no sense to me (a major city inside a volcano hex seems to bit a far off for example). I will update this article or create a new one to give all the random tables used!

The Process



It's the first time I'm participating any jam about TTRPG. I'm pretty happy we'll have a year to create something at our own pace. I'll try to post daily or at least weekly here. Have fun and happy #Dungeon23 everyone!

1A small jungle I drew a while back :) hexmap_example.jpg